Things I’m Looking Forward To Post-Lockdown

Thinking about some plans and goals for after the lockdown restrictions start to be lifted.

Self-Help for SAD

Autumn is beautiful, but for some, it ushers in the most difficult time of the year.

31 Days of Self-Care: Autumn Edition (+ free printable)

It’s an autumn self-care challenge!

When It’s Hard To Say No

A people-pleaser’s guide reclaiming your right to say “no”.

How My Chronic Pain and Depression Influence Each Other (Guest Post)

After learning more about the mind and body connection, and the science behind chronic pain, I came to understand that our mind does in fact significantly influence our body. 

The Beginner’s Guide To Recovery From Mental Illness

A guide to getting started on your journey to recovery from mental illness.

My Easy Skincare Routine

Often, when we think of skincare, we imagine having to use dozens of expensive products in long, convoluted routines that are just too difficult to maintain and take energy that we just don’t have.