Things I’m Looking Forward To Post-Lockdown

Thinking about some plans and goals for after the lockdown restrictions start to be lifted.

On Burning Out

I burnt out.

Mental Health Tattoo Ideas

For a long time, I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo to symbolise my mental health journey.

3 Podcasts That Support My Mental Health

The surprising ways in which three very different podcasts help to support my mental health.

How Recovering From Mental Illness Can Make You Sicker

When starting out on your recovery journey, you may actually become more unwell than you were before. In some cases, things can get worse before they get better.

What Recovery Looks Like To Me

When I was initially referred to the Community Mental Health Team several years ago, my idea of what my recovery would look like was completely different from how I see it now.

100 Things That Make Me Happy

When everything feels terrible, it’s easy to believe that everything is terrible… but what makes me happy?

5 Myths About Addiction

There are many misconceptions about addiction, some of which I would like to set straight today.