Thoughts on turning 31

Tomorrow is my 31st birthday.

Mental Health Tattoo Ideas

For a long time, I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo to symbolise my mental health journey.

What I’ve Been Reading: 5 Stars to -5 Stars

Taking a look at the last five books I’ve read… the good, the bad, and the almost-DNF’d!

3 Podcasts That Support My Mental Health

The surprising ways in which three very different podcasts help to support my mental health.

Self-Love Affirmations

This is my body. This is my mind. Is hating them going to change that?

Multipotentiality: An Epiphany

I’m surrounded by people who have a “thing”. That “thing” that really sums up who they are, what they’re passionate about, what gets them out of bed in the morning. And I don’t have one.

Toxic Positivity

I love an inspirational positive quote as much as the next person, but I have some concerns about an insistence on 100% positivity all day, every day.

What Recovery Looks Like To Me

When I was initially referred to the Community Mental Health Team several years ago, my idea of what my recovery would look like was completely different from how I see it now.