On Burning Out

I burnt out.

Books I Want To Have Read But Don’t Want To Read

The title kind of speaks for itself.

Mental Health and Boredom (and 100 Boredom-Busters)

Recently I have noticed that extended periods of boredom can have a pretty negative effect on my mental health.

7 Unusual Hobbies To Try

Hobbies are an important part of a balanced lifestyle. Doing things you enjoy simply because you enjoy them is a great method of self-care and can help to maintain good mental health.

What Recovery Looks Like To Me

When I was initially referred to the Community Mental Health Team several years ago, my idea of what my recovery would look like was completely different from how I see it now.

Lockdown Distractions

I’ve put together a list of Lockdown Distractions in various categories to help give some prompts or ideas about activities we can do to keep our minds pleasantly occupied.

How To Reinvent Yourself

I was stuck in my cocoon, and I needed to decide which version of me was going to emerge.