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Did someone say freebies?

These are totally free for you to print, keep and use, I just ask that they are kept for personal use and are not redistributed for commercial use.

If you do feel like donating to help me keep this blog running, you can do so by clicking here, but there is absolutely no obligation to do this – as I said, these are freebies.

I will be adding more to this page as time goes on, so be sure to check back later!


Desktop Backgrounds

Desktop Background Maybe we're not lost Maybe we're searching for a home that won't exist until we build it The Patchwork Fox
Desktop Background You are everything you're supposed to be right in this moment The Patchwork Fox
Desk Background You Have More Potential Than There Are Stars in the Sky The Patchwork Fox
Desktop Background Live Life with a Sharp Mind and a Gentle Heart The Patchwork Fox
Breathe. You've got this. The Patchwork Fox
Desktop Background Shine Bright Like The Star You Are The Patchwork Fox


Bookmark I am worthy I am valid I am enough The Patchwork Fox
Bookmark Every Day is a New Chance for a Fresh Start The Patchwork Fox
Bookmark Dream Big The Patchwork Fox

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