This website contains affiliate links. What that means is I may from time to time include links in my posts that take you to Amazon where you can buy a product.

Please note the following:

1) You do not pay any more because you’ve clicked my link. It’s the same price as if you just went to Amazon, but this way Amazon may pay me a tiny percentage of the price. This helps me to keep this blog running.

2) Even if you don’t buy the particular product I linked you to, if you remain on my link and buy something else from Amazon, I’ll still get a tiny percentage of that purchase price, but again, not from you, but from Amazon. You do not pay extra. It’s just helpful to me!

3) Whilst I may post links to certain products, I have no control over the quality of the product, or anything related to its purchase. That is purely the responsibility of the seller. If something ends up being wrong with the product you buy, please contact the seller, not me, as I have no power to do anything about it. The recommendation does not necessarily mean I have tried the product myself (unless specifically stated), it is merely a suggestion. That being said, I will only recommend a product if I genuinely believe it would be useful.

If you have any questions about the Amazon Affiliate links on this page, please feel free to email me at thepatchworkfox@gmail.com with the subject line “Amazon query”.


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