Nice Things To Do For Your Friends

We love our friends. But how can we show them?

It’s easy for us to take our friends for granted sometimes – life has a habit of getting in the way. So what can we do to show our friends just how much they mean to us? Here are a few ideas.

  • Make them a handmade card and send it via snail-mail
  • Order them something off their Amazon wishlist
  • Take them out for a meal
  • Call/text them just to let them know you’re thinking of them
  • Make them a care package filled with treats and leave it on their doorstep
  • Make them a playlist of music that makes you think of them
  • If they have children, offer to babysit for a day/evening so they can have a break
  • If they have a dog, offer to take it for a walk
  • Take them out to see a film they have been wanting to see
  • Make them a scrapbook of your friendship
  • Offer to drive them to an appointment to relieve their stress
  • Compliment their outfit
  • Take them on a spa day or host a spa evening at your house
  • Organise a surprise party for their birthday
  • Give them a photo frame with a picture of you both in it
  • Take them to the beach for a day out
  • Take them to a concert of their favourite band/singer
  • Support their creativity by donating to their Ko-Fi
  • Cook a meal for them
  • Paint them a picture
  • Knit them a jumper
  • Find a cause you can both support and volunteer together
  • Plan a holiday together
  • Start a club together (e.g. a book club, sewing club, etc)
  • Tell them how much they mean to you

What nice things have you done for your friends? Maybe you have some ideas to add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

Nice Things To Do For Your Friends


Written by hazel

mental health blogger and advocate

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