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Life Update

Wow, it’s been a while since I blogged.

It feels a bit weird being back!

I thought I would share a quick life update since I’ve been away from blogging for a while.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that I have now officially moved to the Isle of Man. The move was pretty stressful, but I had loads of support from my boyfriend (Colin) and my family. I had to sell most of my stuff, and luckily my mum is a bit of a whizz on the Facebook selling groups, so I managed to sell everything that I needed to get rid of.

The Isle of Man is beautiful. The views are just stunning and the atmosphere is so quiet and relaxed. Well, apart from the two weeks a year of TT (which I’d never heard of until I moved here!) when the whole island pretty is swarming with motorbikes – but I can deal with two weeks of madness in exchange for 50 weeks a year of peace and quiet! I just pretty much stayed at home and kept myself to myself for those two weeks.

As a result of moving, I have had to discharge myself from the mental health services I was accessing, so my EMDR therapy has ended early. It was both scary and liberating to discharge myself. I definitely worried about losing my safety net, but I have been doing pretty well using the skills I learnt in my Intensive Life Skills therapy and Colin is hugely supportive. I have an appointment with a GP over here to discuss my medication. I’m considering coming off Aripiprazole and just staying on Venlafaxine, but I’m going to talk to the doctor about it first.

I’ve been really struggling with my sleep recently. I’ve always suffered from terrible nightmares, but it’s been particularly bad recently. It’s probably partly because of the upheaval of moving, but I’m not sure why it’s so bad. It’s making me a bit useless during the day because I’m so exhausted, even if I sleep for 12 hours. I might bring that up with the doctor at my appointment.

I miss my family a lot. It’s hard being in a different country to them, but we are keeping in regular contact via video chats and my mum even wrote me a letter, which was lovely.

I’m super into my witchcraft again, and I’ve been diving into all sorts of witchy books. I’m impressed with how much my concentration has improved because I used to have severe trouble with reading due to poor concentration. I would spend ages reading the same paragraph over and over again, but it would never sink in. But now, I’m blasting through whole books and I’m absolutely loving it. I’ve missed reading so much.

So yeah, I’m sorry I’ve been away from blogging for so long, but life has been a bit hectic with the move and everything.

What have you lot been up to? Do you have any life updates for me? Let me know in the comments!

Life Update

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  1. That must be amazing, living in such a beautiful place! It’s an island I’ve always wanted to visit. Glad that you’re enjoying it and hope you get your sleep pattern sorted soon – I’ve noticed it’s the first thing to screw up for me when my routine and life is changed in any way. Looking forward to seeing your posts again!

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