Battle Against Self-Harm

*Trigger warning: self-harm, trauma*

The other night I almost had another blip.

Some old trauma resurfaced and the urge to self-harm was intense. Really intense. I had to fight it with everything that I had in me, but I did it, and I won.

It wasn’t easy. Far from it. And as such, I’m celebrating this as a victory. A victory over those dark parts of my mind.

I think it’s important for me to recognise this as a win because I’m very quick to count up my supposed failures, or times when the urge to self-harm has overtaken me. But this time, I was the winner, and I worked damn hard for this victory, so I’m going to celebrate it.

It’s another short one today because it’s 4am and my brain is a bit mushy. Thanks for joining me in my celebration.

Do you, like me, struggle to identify victories? What could you be congratulating yourself for today? Let me know in the comments.

Battle Against Self-Harm (

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One comment

  1. I agree. Congratulations for the things I do well are hard to generate. I’m much better at pointing out my failures. I’m very glad you were able to avoid the self-harm. It’s brutal to live with it. I’m happy you won.


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