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Getting Cosy

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Cosiness is one of the best feelings. But how can we achieve it?

I don’t know about you, but I love feeling cosy. Cosiness makes me feel safe, warm, and comfortable. It helps me when I’m feeling low, and it definitely ticks off some important elements of self-care.

So if you’ve not previously been into cosiness, I’m sure you are now. But how do we go about getting cosy af? There are some very simple ways to go about it. I’ve listed just a few of them below.

Fairy lights

lit hanging photo frames

Fairy lights are a sure-fire way to increase the overall cosiness of a room. The small, soft lights create a cosy atmosphere. The lights are bright enough for you to read a book or browse through a magazine, but also soft enough for you to be able to drift slowly off to sleep if you want to.


art blur bright candlelight

Candles are great for increasing both visual and olfactory cosiness. Again, soft lighting, but also, if you get a nice scented candle, maybe something like lavender or vanilla, this can be great for achieving cosiness.

Blankets and cushions

close up photography of fawn pug covered with brown cloth

One of the most important elements of cosiness is feeling comfortable, so stack up those cushions and pile on those blankets, and snuggle down into your cosy little den.

ASMR videos

mokup smartphone technology phone

An auditory one here, and ASMR videos can be amazing for creating a cosy atmosphere. I don’t like a lot of noise, but I also don’t like complete silence (I know, I’m a difficult one), so having some nice, soothing ASMR playing in the background is a perfect balance.

How do you like to get cosy? Let me know in the comments.

Getting Cosy (

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  1. Yesss I love cosiness! It’s really helped get me through my SAD this year. I love bringing the duvet downstairs on a Sunday and snuggling under it on the sofa with a coffee, a book, and some incense đź’•

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