Random Acts Of Kindness Day

February 17th is Random Acts Of Kindness Day!

According to Days of the Year, Random Acts Of Kindness Day was first created in Denver, Colorado in 1995. Since then it has spread across the world, with people from many countries taking the day to spread positivity and light by doing something nice for someone else.

The great thing is, by doing something nice for others, we not only brighten their day, but we also make ourselves feel good!

I’ve done a Random Acts of Kindness post before, where I listed a bunch of suggestions of things we can do to spread a little kindness, so if you haven’t read it, you can check it out by clicking here.

To celebrate Random Acts Of Kindness Day, I thought I’d list a few more things we could do; some big, some small.

Here goes!

  • Foster a kitten/puppy
  • Put out your neighbour’s wheelie bin for them
  • Text someone good morning
  • Write a positive quote on a sticky note and stick it on the notice board at work
  • Start to learn sign language
  • Offer to babysit for free for one evening so a friend or family member can have a break and/or go out
  • Volunteer as a mentor with an at-risk young person
  • Pay for someone else’s parking
  • Donate blankets to an animal shelter
  • Start collecting your small change and donate it to a good cause
  • Offer to mow your neighbour’s lawn
  • Let another car merge in traffic
  • Befriend your new colleague at work
  • Make a packed lunch for your partner and include a positive note
  • Throw someone a surprise party
  • Play a game with a young relative


Can you think of any more ideas? Do you have an example of a Random Act Of Kindness that you have done/received? Let me know in the comments!


Random Acts Of Kindness Day (The Patchwork Fox)




  1. These are such lovely ideas. Mine would be something simple like saying thank you to someone who’s been a positive influence in your life, just to let them know they’re appreciated and loved! 🙂

    Wish I’d managed to convince Neal to adopt a puppy in the name of Random Acts of Kindness 😉

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