50 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. when my cats snuggle up next to me in bed
  2. egg custard tarts
  3. my mum’s chocolate sponge and custard
  4. watching documentaries
  5. fresh early mornings
  6. 90s music
  7. getting a parcel in the post
  8. stationery
  9. being around dogs who are excited to see me
  10. snow
  11. when someone sends me a message saying “I saw this and thought of you”
  12. blogging
  13. floating in a swimming pool in a hot country
  14. painting
  15. singing in the shower
  16. second-hand bookshops
  17. libraries
  18. the “prrrt” noise Elsa makes when I give her fuss
  19. nature
  20. hugs (sometimes)
  21. stargazing
  22. looking at the moon
  23. retail therapy
  24. long chats about life
  25. journalling
  26. fresh bed linen
  27. candles
  28. essential oils
  29. learning new things
  30. writing poetry
  31. John Oliver
  32. Stephen Colbert
  33. Louis Theroux
  34. Twitter
  35. colouring
  36. face masks
  37. tattoos
  38. when my desk is neat and tidy
  39. holidays
  40. crystals
  41. Russell Howard
  42. lakes
  43. log fires
  44. buying presents for my cats
  45. sales at The Works
  46. Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume
  47. when my eyeliner is symmetrical
  48. taking photos of my cats
  49. My Little Pony
  50. Daffodils

What makes you happy? Let me know in the comments!

50 things that make me happy The Patchwork Fox



  1. i like this list. i’ve never really given it much thought – i stick to my routine. i’m going to think about it today – what actually makes me happy – and try to do some of those things.

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  2. YES TO SO MANY OF THESE!!! I could pretty much copy and paste half your list here in the comments. Stationery is a big one for me. Even if I don’t buy it, just going into a shop and being around it makes me giddy.

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