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Stay-At-Home Date Ideas

When we’re in the process of dating, there might be many reasons why we’re looking to avoid going out to restaurants or to the cinema every weekend.

It could be a money issue, it could be due to social anxiety, or it could just be down to sheer tiredness and not having the energy to go out.

However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t still enjoy a good date night.

I’ve put together a short list of some ideas for dates that can be done at home, but that aren’t just “Netflix and Chill”.

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Cook each other’s meal

Instead of one of you cooking, or both cooking the same meal, separately think of a meal that the other would like, and prepare them both together for the other person. So if you know she likes steak, and she knows you like pasta, then make them for each other. If you were at a restaurant, you probably wouldn’t have the same meal, so why do it on a home-date night? You could even turn it into a competition and see who can prepare the most elaborate meal.

Paint each other’s portrait

It doesn’t matter if neither of you are particularly arty – in fact, it’s probably more fun if you’re *not*! This is a good one because it gives you chance to really admire your significant other without staring at them creepily. It also gives you time to chat whilst you’re painting.

Have a pampering evening

If you’re both exhausted, and that’s the reason you don’t want to go out, why not try a home-pampering session? Face masks, bath bombs, candles, maybe even a shoulder massage for each other (wahey). Relax and unwind together.

Hold your own mini-book club

This one requires a bit of preparation, but if you agree in advance to both read the same book before the date night, you could spend the evening discussing the book over a bottle of wine. This is particularly good if you spend a lot of time with your other half and sometimes find yourself struggling for new things to talk about.

Create a vision board for your future together

This one is for people already in a relationship (if you’re just dating, this might come across as a bit premature!). Get some A3 card, a stack of magazines and newspapers, some photos, and maybe some stickers or glitter or whatever takes your fancy, and create a vision board that represents how you both view your future together. Maybe it’s marriage and kids, maybe it’s travelling the world, maybe it’s running a family business – whatever you want. It’s a good way to communicate your thoughts to your partner and get to know what’s really important to them. It’s also nice to have that vision board as a reminder for when things get tough, that you’re on the same page and you’re working towards common goals.


What would your ideal stay-at-home date night look like? Let me know in the comments!

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Stay-At-Home Date Ideas

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