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Winter Self-Care

Self-care is important all year round, but I think especially during Winter when things get dark and a bit grim, it’s even more crucial to make sure we are taking care of ourselves.

I’ve put together a list of Winter self-care activities to keep us cosy during the colder months.

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Use lip balm

This one is really simple. The cold weather can cause our lips to become cracked and painful. Regularly using lip balm, especially when you’re going outside, will help to prevent this, and you can choose a nice flavour as an extra treat. I like to use standard Vaseline, as it’s super moisturising and lasts a long time. There are also several different Vaseline flavours, including rose and almond, aloe vera, and cocoa butter.

Moisturise your face

Similar to above, the cold, windy weather can affect your skin, making it feel tight and uncomfortable. Having a good moisturising routine replenishes your skin and keep it protected. I like the Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser because it smells nice, and it moisturises deeply without being too thick. Plus, it’s reasonably priced, which is always a bonus.

Get enough sunlight

With limited daylight hours, it’s even more important to make sure we get as much natural light as possible. If you can, try to get outside for a few minutes during the day, or if you have to stay inside, try to sit by a window.

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Make waking up easier

I know that during the winter months, I find it incredibly depressing waking up in the dark. One way to get around this is to invest in a dawn-simulating light. You can set your light to start producing a gradually increasing amount of light before you’re supposed to wake up so your body clock can stay in tune with the time you need to wake up. There is some evidence to suggest that this method of waking up versus a standard alarm clock improves mood and energy levels.

Enjoy nature

Winter is a beautiful time of year, with crisp, fresh air and gorgeous views. Take some time to soak it in. Take some photographs. Walk through a forest and listen to the crunch of your footsteps. Enjoy it.

What are your winter self-care tips? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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Winter Self Care

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  1. These tips are spot on. We have the Philips Hue bulbs, and we’ve set them to come on in the bedroom before we wake up, and it definitely helps. Apart from those really sleepy days when I turn it off and go back to sleep, but that’s not the point ๐Ÿ˜‰
    My favourite self care act in winter is getting cosy under a blanket and drinking a cup of tea! It’s so simple but it makes me feel so much better.

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