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Connection: Stepping Outside the Bubble

Modern life can often leave us feeling like we don’t “fit in”; like we’re operating from within a bubble and the rest of the world is just happening around us: we are detached and alone. Sometimes, we prefer it that way. At least it’s safe here…

So how can we make that connection? How can we create that feeling of belonging in the world? Also, why would we want to?

There are actually loads of simple things we can do, either once in a while, or on a daily basis, and I think if you give them a go, you’ll be surprised how easy and beneficial that connection can actually be. When we feel more connected, we can feel more of a sense of purpose, and sense of belonging, and a sense of community, all of which can be really helpful in keeping us mentally and emotionally strong.

1. Watch a sunrise

The sunrise is arguably one of the most beautiful sights to behold; the mix of colours and the light shining on a new day. However, if we think about it a little more, the sunrise can also symbolise new beginnings. When we watch the sunrise we can visualise the sun’s rays as cleansing all our old wounds, burning away our mistakes, and piercing the bubble in which we’ve remained for too long; clearing your path and helping you set your sights on new possibilities.

2. Stand barefoot in the grass

This one might not sound too appealing to those who are flat-dwellers, but even if you can find a small park or communal garden, standing barefoot in just a small patch of grass is a great way to ground ourselves and help us connect with the energies around us. Plant your feet in the grass, wiggle your toes, feel how soft it is. Visualise the energy from the ground travelling up through the soles of your feet and up into your body, taking on new life and new vitality.

3. Spend time with an animal

If you don’t have a pet (and you are able to), consider adopting one! If you are unable to adopt a pet, try asking someone if you can spend a bit of time with theirs. Animals give off an incredibly caring vibe that we can’t help but pick up. Is there anything better than when a dog is genuinely excited to see you? That connection is enough to make our hearts soar, and help us to break down barriers that we may have put up in the past.

4. Feed the wildlife

Similar to spending time with an animal, but this one is more about feeling a sense of connection by making ourselves friends of wild creatures, such as hedgehogs and birds. Something as simple as leaving out a bowl of water or a homemade bird feeder, can help us to feel connected to nature and feel like we’re making a contribution to helping the wildlife survive, particularly the water during the hot summer months and food in the autumn (many small hedgehogs need some help getting fattened up to survive the winter, so you may well be saving lives!).

5. Spend time people-watching

This one might sound a bit creepy, but hear me out. Go and sit in a coffee shop, order a drink, and just observe the people around you (Note: don’t stare! A quick glance around is enough!). Think about what their careers might be, or what they might be like as a friend. Maybe that person looks like a friendly salesperson and seems like they would enjoy making pottery. Maybe that one seems like a patient parent of three who plays tennis at the weekend. You might not be sure what this guy does for a living, but he gives off the vibe of being calm and approachable. It doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong, just have fun with your imagination. The more you observe people and consider their fictional backstories, the more connected you will feel to the people around you. Though the stories might be made up, the people are very real, they’re tangible (don’t actually touch them though!), and you’re reaching outside of your bubble to connect with them, without actually having to speak to them.

So why not choose one or two of these suggestions and have a go at stepping outside of your bubble? You might be surprised what a little bit of worldly connection can do. Let me know how it goes in the comments below!


Happy V-Day, my love!

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  1. Watching a sunrise (or even sunset) are my favourite ways to feel more alive and connected! Also, hanging out with Juno, just because I’ll take any excuse 😀 Loved this post.

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