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My Top 7 Favourite Apps

I’m pretty much constantly on my phone, but it’s not just mindless scrolling… okay sometimes it is, but most of the time, I’m doing something more than refreshing Twitter!

Here is a list of my top 7 favourite apps and what I like about them. The best part about all of them is that they’re free! They may have options to pay to upgrade, but I’ve only included them if I use the free version and still find it useful.

Maybe you’ll agree with me, or maybe you’ll want to check them out and see if you like them too. Let me know in the comments.


1. Twitter

Okay so yes, Twitter is one of my favourites. That’s a given. The mental health and blogging communities on Twitter provide me with a great deal of support and give me the opportunity to express myself, so it’s really invaluable to me. There are also loads of other communities you can check out, from gaming to cat-people to fitness and so on. And the best part is, if you don’t find your community on there, you can start one!

2. Amino

Similar to Twitter but this one allows for specific communities to be set up in their own groups. I’m in several Amino groups, including quite a few about Wicca, witchcraft, and Paganism, and one for people with Borderline Personality Disorder. There are thousands of groups for all different interests and communities. Some of the groups don’t have quite as much activity as there is on Twitter, but the benefit is that you know the people who have joined that group definitely want to chat about that specific subject. It’s also moderated, so trolls are swiftly evicted (not that I’ve come across many in there). Another thing I like about it is you can level up the more you use it. I don’t know why, but I just love levelling up! You can pay to upgrade but to be honest, it’s really not necessary. All you get for upgrading is access to more stickers, but no one really uses them anyway.

3. Tingles

This app is basically a hub for ASMR videos. There are loads of videos on there, sorted into playlists. You can access more if you pay for a membership, but I just use the free ones and there are still loads to choose from, and videos are sorted into playlists by types of triggers, so you don’t have to keep searching. For example, if you like crinkles, there’s a crinkles playlist, and the same for typing, painting, tapping, and so on. Another plus side is that unlike YouTube (unless you pay for YouTube premium), the videos continue to play if you go onto a different app so you can have it on in the background while you’re doing other things.

4. SkyView (Free)

SkyView is an amazing app that allows you to calibrate your phone, point it at the sky, and it will tell you exactly which star is which, where the constellations are, where planets are, etc. It’s a great way for me to feel connected to the universe and it’s just really interesting to know what you’re looking at in the sky.

5. Quit Smoking

I have recently quit smoking, and this app has been really helpful in motivating me. It basically allows you to enter all your smoking details, including your quit date, and then keeps track of things like how long you’ve been smoke-free, how much money you’ve saved on not buying cigarettes, and even how much time from your life you’ve saved by not smoking. It’s helped to keep me on track and allowed me to share my progress.

6. Pinterest

I’m obsessed with Pinterest. I used to think it was just for middle-aged women to share recipes, but I was just being judgmental. Some of those recipes are amazing! Aside from that, there are all kinds of things on there, and I now use it to collect resources on subjects from mental health to blogging to colouring pages to tattoos to journal ideas, and so much more. I love that it’s so easy to organise things into boards and sections, and there is a never-ending supply of content to help inspire me.

7. Google Drive

This one is a bit more of a practical app, but it’s been so handy with me setting up and running this blog. You can access files from anywhere, it’s easy to use, and you get loads of space to save whatever you want. Gone are the days that I’d have to worry about losing my memory stick or remembering to email something to myself!


What are your favourite apps? Do you already use any of the ones I listed? Let me know in the comments below! 


My Top 7 Favourite Apps

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve just started to use Pinterest a bit more but am still getting my head round using it for my blog. I’ve heard great things though and love your pins! I use Twitter a lot as well obviously but am glad there are communities out there what clamp down on trolls better as that’s one thing Twitter really needs to start doing.

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    • Yes, I agree, unfortunately there is a not so nice side to Twitter, and I’m extremely lucky not to have encountered it very much in my experience. Pinterest is a good one, but like you say, it takes a bit of getting used to. Thanks for reading!

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  2. I downloaded Amino! I’d say my favorites are Twitter, FB Messenger bc it’s how I keep in touch with a lot of people, Reddit, Daylio, Simple Habit, Bible, and WordPress.

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  3. I love posts like these! Thank you so much for sharing. I definitely want to share the Quit smoking one with my boyfriend, I’ve been seeing how it works from your Twitter and it’s actually really good!

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