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My Poetry: Take This…

As some of you may know, I recently entered my first poetry competition. I didn’t expect to win, and I didn’t, but it was good for me to put myself out there.

So now, in keeping with exposing my soul to whoever wants to read it, here are the two poems I entered into the competition.

Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below.

The theme of the competition was “Take this…” and we had free rein to interpret that how we wished. I chose to focus on my experiences with Borderline Personality Disorder. As you will see, they were both written in very different headspaces.



My heart is black and clogged with pain

And all it wants, to beat again

Though poisoned by the smog of life

Still useful if you take a knife

And plunge the blade into my chest

And take from me, I wonโ€™t protest

Iโ€™ll pluck the organ from this frame

And lay it down, itโ€™s yours to claim

Just take this broken heart of mine

And with your veins let intertwine


My heart inside myself, redundant

Bequeathed to you, with love abundant



My life, so far, a dizzying fog

The simplest task, a draining slog

A deadweight shackled my chest

I’m not just sad, I am depressed.


The loves I’ve lost, I fear to count

Emotions I cannot surmount

Then with a word, the shrinks assign

I’m not insane, I’m Borderline.


For some, these words can cause despair

For me, a chance, my thoughts laid bare

To those accusing, take your pill

I’m not a villain, I’m just ill.


Now redefined and understood

Where once could not, I dare I could

I take this glimpse of hope and run

And with new light, new life begun.


The road is long, with struggles more

But now a spark inside my core

I never saw, but now I see

I’m not defeated, I am free.


Thanks for reading. Leave your comments below!


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  1. These are wonderful, thank you so much for sharing them with us! I’m sorry to hear you didn’t win the competition, but keep trying – you clearly have a lot of talent.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! Entering my first competition has been a big step outside my comfort zone, and now with all the lovely feedback I’ve had, I feel much more confident about sharing my poems, so that’s a win in itself! ๐Ÿ™‚


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