Welcome, everyone! Let’s get started…

I’m Fox, and this is my blog. You can find out a bit more about me here.

I decided to call this blog The Patchwork Fox, because a) I’m Fox, and b) I think of myself as a bit like a patchwork quilt. A mismatch of different sections, all different colours, patterns, textures, sizes… The sections by themselves might seem insignificant, but when they’re all put together, they become something kinda useful, and maybe even a bit interesting… At least I hope so, anyway.

In this blog, I’m going to be talking about mental health, self-care, LGBTQ+ issues, cats, creativity, and pretty much any random thoughts I have. I hope at least some of my posts will be interesting and/or useful, but only time will tell!

Okay, that will do for a first post. Time to get on with some actual content! In the meantime, please feel free to check out my Twitter and Instagram, and if you want to drop me a message, click here, or send an email thepatchworkfox@gmail.com.




Written by hazel

mental health blogger and advocate

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